Being able to make a stable income playing online poker is a goal many people have but don't live up to their goal for many reasons. In this article we will be discussing one of the reasons. It's called hand selection. If you have ever played free online poker on one of the many sites that offer it, people play extremely different and you will almost always see people going all in with horrible hands just because they don't care. These hand selection tips will be just for Sit-N-Go's and will help you take down first place 90% of the time, would be 100% but you have to take in account bad beats.

1. Early Stages of a Sit-N-GO- During the early stages of a Sit-N-Go the rule of thumb to always follow is "tight is right".

The hand selections you should play are as follows:

The left column is the stage of a Sit-N-Go and the right column is what position you are in, in the Sit-N-Go. The goal during the first 3 blind levels is just to survive, as you will be able to outsmart players as the tournament progresses when players began to bet less.



EarlyLateAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,TT, 99,88, 77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22

2. Middle Stages of a Sit-N-Go- In the early stages we needed to play tight, now we are shifting are gears and playing aggressive. The reason to play aggressive is you want to build a large chip stack for the later stages to take down first place. The middle stage is when the blinds have increased 4-6 times. By now the field of players should be down to 5 or 6 players, hence the middle stage. Here are the hands you should play and in what position:


MiddleMiddleAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQs,AQ,KQs, TT, 99, 88

MiddleLateAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQs,AQ,KQs, TT, 99, 88,77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22

3. Late Stages of a Sit-N-Go- Here I am referring to 5 players or less. By now blinds will be eating everyone's chip stack up and putting lots of pressure on all players, but the large stacks. You need to become more aggressive then other players. Most players, excluding big stacks, will fold and play passive so they can make the money. Here are the hands you should play and the position you should play them:

Late DealerAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQs,AQ,KQs,KQ,JQ,JK,KT,TA,TJ,AJ,TT,99,88,77,66,55,44,33,22

Late Small blindAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQs,AQ,KQs,KQ,JQ,JK,KT,TA,TJ,AJ,TT,99,88,77,66,55,44,33,22

Late Big BlindAA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQs,AQ,KQs,KQ,JQ,JK,KT,TA,TJ,AJ,TT,99,88,77,66,55,44,33,22

As you can see how to play poker and playing the proper starting hands really will make a world of difference. Full tilt poker and Poker Stars are great sites where to start increasing your skills. They offer free poker but with online free poker comes with people not playing correctly. It's best to deposit a very small amount, maybe $50.00 and start with $2 +.20 Sit-N-Go's. After you're comfortable with these, keep working your way up. Practice makes perfect and a never give up attitude will keep you from only depositing once and never looking back!

Sean Moronse is a professional poker player. Visit his website and subscribe to his free ecourse on how to understand texas holdem odds and poker hands at
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In less than two decades, home computers have become a necessary part of life for most people. In the twenty-first century, computer literacy is as important as reading itself. We all remember how daunting the computer seemed, the first time we clicked a mouse. Most parents of young children today touched their first computer as teens, and have no first-hand experience regarding the right age at which to begin training their own children in computer usage. But a parent can't help feeling a certain pride, watching a three-year-old navigate a game program.

We want our kids to have every advantage possible, and the computer is certainly the most comprehensive educational tool available, today. At the same time, we have to ask ourselves-how young is too young?

Unfortunately, behavioral scientific studies take years to complete, and so far, there's no concensus among experts about the computer's effect on young children. However, many organizations do provide some common-sense guidelines for parents.

According to, many researchers discourage computer use before the age of three: "Computers simply do not match their learning style". Children under three learn about the world through their senses-taste, touch, sight and sound-and it's difficult for them to focus attention for any length of time. There are game programs available for kids as young as two, which concentrate on cause-and-effect actions; when the mouse is moved and clicked at a certain point, a noise occurs or a picture appears. However, a child slapping the bathwater, to make a noise and a splash, can be just as developmentally valuable, if not more so, because it involves more of a complete sensory experience.

Most experts agree that, by the age of three or four, kids are ready to begin exploring the computer, as long as they are supervised by parents or caregivers. According to, the ability to control technology can be a valuable lesson at this age. As well, computer games for preschoolers can offer valuable lessons in counting, spelling, and classification.

What parents must guard against is using the computer as the only surrogate teacher. Some seminal studies have shown that a fairly sizable percentage of today's high-school students, who grew up dependent on computers, feel uncomfortable with the "mechanics" of arithmetic (two things plus two things actually make four things) and spelling (without spell-check).

Parents must also weigh the physical effects of computer use. Obviously, the child accustomed to achieving entertainment and amusement solely through the computer is less active than the child who can derive pleasure from physical activity. If a child's computer experience isn't monitored for correct ergonomics, poor posture can develop, early, and be difficult to correct, later.

Eyestrain is also an important consideration about which parents must be vigilant. Twenty minutes to a half-hour in front of a computer monitor is probably as much time as children should spend, without a break.

And, of course, internet usage should be closely monitored by parents at all times.

Computers will continue to advance, even in ways we still haven't begun to fathom. With careful training, at an early age, our children can live lives enhanced by computers, rather than dominated by them.

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Links:Download & Play Download Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition Free Free. After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place!
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When you think about antiaging, we strongly urge you consider both your body and your mind. A lot of times people may just think about appearances and issues concerning the skin and face. But of course we all know, or have heard, about the effects of aging on the brain and memory. In so many ways, the state of our mind is a reflection of the condition of our body. Therefore, if you want to maintain a razor sharp mind, then you need to incorporate all those healthy habits that keep your body healthy. We are referring to eating properly, getting adequate amounts of exercise and more. A strong effort to minimize stress and anxiety will also play a huge role as well.

Most of us cannot eliminate stress in our lives, but it seems like a natural part in many ways. Stress becomes an issue for people when it is excessive and not effectively managed. It is possible to greatly minimize the effects through healthy habits that naturally work to reduce the effects within our bodies. Not only will using this kind of approach help to maintain youthful appearances for much longer, but your mind will benefit from it in many ways. When there is too much stress it is hard to manage plus when poor coping skills are in use, then that can have a negative effect on your brain. Your mind will not be able to perform at optimal levels, as well.

We all know about getting proper exercise, or at least some amount of exercise which will be helpful. If you can squeeze some type of physical stimulation in your schedule, then that will help to reduce stress and weight. You can even do something as simple as going for regular walks. When you engage in physical activity, then that will serve to increase your blood circulation. The greater your circulation, then you will receive more oxygen to all the cells within your body and that includes your brain, of course. There are many benefits associated with this simple cause and effect relationship. Just one of those benefits will be improvement in brain function and memory.

Your brain and memory can be exercised, as well, and there is research to support the value of regularly providing healthy stimulation to your mind. However there are several key points here as it relates to brain stimulation. You will achieve the best results when you engage in activities that provide variety, or avoid doing the same thing over and over. Also, make an effort to keep things mixed up so you do not get in too much of a routine. In many ways your brain is like a muscle, and it needs to be worked out and provided with challenging situations. There are so many ways you can accomplish these kinds of goals with your self.

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