Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you are well aware of the fact that our country and much of the world are having significant challenges with the economy. Combined with these challenges are the losses of thousands upon thousands of jobs.

If you happen to be one of those affected by the loss of a job, let me say that I am sorry for your loss and the challenges that it will present. However, if you are willing to step outside of your normal comfort zone you may find that this setback is really a huge opportunity in disguise.

We have all heard stories of people that have had a major setback only to find that as a direct result of that setback they are having tremendous successes today. I am an example of someone that thought he had life made, a great job, making six figures per year and then blindsided by a corporate downsizing. While that has been over 9 years ago for me, my current success is a direct result of having the wind taken out of my sails.

At first I thought no problem: I have a great engineering with lots of experience and live in an area where there are plenty of companies that have a need for engineers. As I began looking for a new job, talking with others that were in a similar situation and thinking about my future I came to the conclusion that I never wanted to find myself in that situation again.

Years before I had tried my hand at Network Marketing only to find that I spend way more money than what I was making. Additionally, I found that attempting to break into the MLM profession a major drain on my time, I was not having any success and more importantly while my upline was seeing some success they really weren't prepared to help me. What I found later was that they really didn't know how to help me.

Even with this knowledge I knew that the Network Marketing business model was an excellent model and held the potential to have a huge financial impact on my life. Offering unlimited potential, recurring revenue, huge tax benefits, among other benefits, it is difficult at best to beat the benefits of the Network Marketing business model.

Where am I going with this? If you are not willing to give up and want to do something to take control of your life so that your family's financial future is in your control and not some corporation, keep reading.

One of my favorite quotes is, "If you are willing to do what most people won't for a while, you will eventually be able to do what most people can't". Not sure where this came from and I can't take credit for it, but there is so much truth there. A fancy way of saying that you are going to have to make some short term sacrifices, but the payoff in the end is greater than you could ever imagine.

Where do you start? Embrace the change that you are going through. Don't stick you head in the sand, have a pity party for yourself and complain about how unfair life is. You can, but I can promise you that will get you nowhere. You also have to be willing to learn the skills required to be successful in the Network Marketing industry. This is no different than if you were starting a new job somewhere. There are some learning hurdles that you must get past and you will need to acquire the skill set that will lead to success.

There are a number of skills that you will need to work on: Marketing, Sales, Leadership, and you will need to learn the specifics of your particular opportunity. Yes, if you are looking at the above list and thinking that there is a lot of work that needs to be completed you are correct, but again as I mentioned before the payoff is HUGE. More importantly the payoff is recurring and will continue to show up in your account for the rest of your life. Imagine starting off the month knowing that regardless of what you do that month you will be making more that month than most people make in a year. You could spend the month sitting on the beach with friends and family, snowboarding down some of the most perfect slopes you have ever been on, or whatever you can dream up and you are still making the same amount.

Much too often I talk with people that have had setbacks in their finances or their jobs and as a result they think they have no choices. I will never say that unexpected event s in those areas of our lives are any fun and change in general can be tough, you have choices and hope. Regardless of your age, your education, your current financial status, your ethnicity or gender you can SUCCEED in the MLM industry. One thing that is for sure, starting in the profession of Network Marketing is one of the few professions where you are in total control of your financial success.

A professional internet marketer, trainer and mentor in the network marketing (MLM) industry. I focus on helping Network Marketer's achieve their Goals and more importantly their Dreams.To learn more about me visit: http://www.persistencemarketing.net or http://www.opportunityofyourlife.com
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