The Mozilla Firefox download browser is not just a tool for personal Internet surfing. It's also a great way to share information with people in your online social circles. You can share articles, pictures, and videos with your friends with the help of this browser. Here's how you can make sharing through your browser easier.

1. Install a sharing add-on. There are a number of sharing add-ons that are compatible with the Firefox download browser. For instance, you can go with Shareaholic. This extra lets you install a share button on your browser. Simply surf the Web as you do every day and when you find something worthy of sharing, simply click the Shareaholic button. Like other sharing add-ons, this one gives you the option to choose where the link will be shared. You can check Facebook, Twitter, & other networks you like.

2. Install a URL shortener. If you're fond of sharing, you've probably noticed that long URLs often cause you problems. Good thing there's a Mozilla Firefox download add-on for that. It's called the TinyURL Generator add-on. Once installed, a small button will appear on your browser. Click the button while you're in the page you want to share. This tool automatically creates a shortened URL for you. You won't exceed the allowable number of characters in Twitter and the link will be clickable when you post it to Facebook. Or, you can post it through your sharing add-on.

3. Install an idea source add-on. Here's one thing you can do so you'll never run out of pages to share. Go visit a site called StumbleUpon, where people share anything. But why open a new tab in your Firefox download browser when you can simply click a button, right? Install the StumbleUpon add-on. Once you set your preferences, the service will show you random pages. These pages are of course based on your preferences, such as history, music, and others. You can click and click until you find something worth sharing. It comes with sharing buttons, too!

Sharing content through your Mozilla Firefox download browser can be so much easier, not to mention, fun. These three types of add-ons will enable you to find material you can share to other people. They will also let you share it with your friends with just a few clicks of a mouse. Go get yourself a Firefox browser today and start sharing with the help of these add-ons.

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