Alcohol is highly intoxicating substances that could make people lose control and their memories. We all heard of special circumstance where the person could hardly remember everything that has happen while under the influence of alcohol. They just wake up one morning, totally disoriented. That is just some of the things that alcohol can do to a person, who is not even an alcoholic.

Alcohol addiction is a habit that should be stop immediately. So how do we define addiction? Also, how do we know if we’re already addicted? These are the question that you must answer honestly if you really want to stop your addiction. A lot of people tried to stop drinking and 90% of them, are back where they started. This is because stopping alcohol abuse is not easy, but also not impossible. I hope these 5 quick tips, could help you quit your addiction.

1. Quitting needs determination and patience, and most importantly the decision to really quit drinking. It may be the most important decision of your life. Nevertheless, it is something you have to do by yourself. Your family cannot force you to stop drinking; only you can. Whatever decision you have today, could affect the life of your family. So I hope, for the sake of your family, that your decision is for the better.

2. The second most essential thing you need to do is get rid your home of all alcohol. Take everything out including wine, beer, and all intoxicating substance. Better ask your friends and relatives not to bring any alcohol as well. It’s vital that they knew your decision and must respect them.

3. Avoid places, events, and situation where you will be tempted to drink. A few sip, could bring you down. It would easier for you, if you could decline all invitations where it is being served freely. I am sure that once you explain your condition, people will forgive you for not attending their events.

4. Joining supports group such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) can seriously increase your chance from not returning to your old habit. You can join this group or make your own. Regardless of your choice, it imperative that you quickly make yourself available to any kind of support group. You cannot beat addiction all by yourself; you need all the support you can get.

5. Getting a hobby is another way to prevent you from drinking. It is best to pick a hobby that you like so much.

Keep in mind that addiction of any form could ruin you and your family’s life. Once, you got hooked to drinking I’ll be hard to let go. The sooner you stop drinking, the easier it would be for you. There are so many things to do, place to see, people to meet, and these are all yours for the taking, don’t waste it, every minute sober is another opportunity to do all this. Remember life is too damn short and fun, make the most of it.

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