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Blackberry 8220 Pearl - Emergence of an Excellent Handset

Communication Articles | July 24, 2012 Blackberry 8220 Pearl emerges as an excellent mobile phone. It is packaged with all emerging mobile features until it now behaves like a personal computer.

Cell phones at first are made just for communication and now people are using cell phones for many other reasons. Primarily, cell phones are intended for making calls and texting. Then it was used for entertainment and multimedia. This was then reinforced with PDA applications. Then mobile devices act as modem for internet browsing. Now, the cell phone itself is behaving as personal computers built-in in a handset. The Blackberry SmartPhone come-up with a handy phone that contains all the features a device must have. The emergence of the Blackberry 8220 Pearl paves the way for excellence. The Blackberry 8220 Pearl is an excellent handset.

Excellent features of the Blackberry 8220 Pearl

Blackberry 8220 Pearl mobile is a flip-type, compact and semi-lightweight that can easily be kept inside the pockets.

It has long-life and standby-by time of battery that can support longer hours of talk time.

It has a built-in high memory and capable of memory extension by using removable memory card to store as many data as possible.

It is capable of SMS, MMS and predictive text inputs.

It has internet capabilities with HTML and built-in modem.

Blackberry 8220 Pearl can be used to access the internet anywhere.

It is supported with keyboard to facilitate fast typing using the SureType technology and a spell-check feature for easy typing.

It has organizer, calendar, memo, task, alarm, maps and other information system capabilities.

It has high quality multimedia features such as high quality camera and video outputs. Videos are best to b watched on wide screen.

Download and upload files anytime.

It has various connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and GPRS.

It has entertainment features such as embedded and downloadable games.

It has external displays for pre-viewing of incoming texts, e-mails and phone calls.

It functions best for facilitating international roaming.

Blackberry 8220 Pearl supports thousands of other mobile lifestyle and business applications.

This handset provides you a stereo headset, travel charger and USB cable.

With all the features stated, it is very obvious that Blackberry 8220 Pearl is an excellent handset. The basic features are well modified and improved. The special features of Blackberry 8220 Pearl are incomparable.

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