Should online article authors use online article directories and venues to alert the masses to something they know which could be important for all mankind? That is to say should an online marketer who writes articles also use the directories they post to as a vehicle for good in the world, above and beyond whatever Internet business model or trinkets they are marketing?

Not long ago, I noted that after I had posted such an article at a directory, they turned it down, because it had too many references? Apparently, they had a non-written policy about such things, and a limit. "Hmm," I thought, especially since I had studied the particular topic for 10-years, and it isn't one or two, or five or ten little events which led me to believe this. Nor are the important references, any of them less worthy than the others. All are important, and the conclusion I came to is about the only one someone could come to had they read all I had over the years.

Further on this particular topic the other think tanks, diplomats, politicians, military planners and strategists are wrong. Further one day when we have an international incident because I was unable to get the word out, it is quite possible that US military personnel might end up in harms-way because no one saw this coming, and because no one read my article.

Indeed, not only were the references important for the article I wrote but also for suggested reading for those who do need to know that important information. Thus, the references also supported my assessment of risk, as well as a list of recommended reading for scholars, military statisticians, intelligence folks, and our leaders so they can see what I see.

Of course, this who episode made me realize that some online article directories are really not the right venue for such important contributions to society, rather they are just made for Internet Marketers and folks selling trinkets online, therefore if you are serious writer be sure to chose only the best online article directories, that's my advice.

And if you are going to write a highly condensed research paper broken down into an "Abstract-Conclusion" of a massive amount of personal research, then you need to carefully choose your references and list the other reading material as such. So, if you cannot comply with such onerous rules or unspoken regulations in certain online article directories, you might be better off finding another place for them. Anyway please consider all this.

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