We all make excuses for why we put off using certain technological advancements. Excuses like "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." Another popular tale is this one: "Let's see if it remains popular." Among the classics is: "I don't have time to learn something new." So it goes, holding on to the past ways at the expense of today and tomorrow's ways of doing business.

So it is with live chat. The most revolutionary approach to providing quality customer service, including increased sales, to come along. Yet only 30 t0 35% of online businesses use live chat today. Why, is there reluctance when it is a proven benefit? Certainly the above excuses apply. Others that seem to work are "we don't have the staff to deliver the service" or "we use email."

Like it or not, Live chat is here to stay. Every day more and more businesses are switching over to live chat. No, live chat isn't that expensive. It is easily learned, maintenance is low, and it is suited for large companies and the one person venture. The more forward thinking firms have been using live chat for several years. By all reports those using it have benefited by having a more satisfied customer base, as well as increased sales.

Several reports on the utilization of live chat appear on the Internet. While many studies were conducted by those directly involved in the live chat industry, there also are several independent studies. The one thing most have in common are their findings. One such study was conducted in 2010 by Best Software is statistically similar to most of the others. There findings are that in 2010:

69 percent of the respondents cited live chat as critical during the holiday season, with about 33 percent citing live chat as “very critical” or “extremely critical.”

For larger users of live chat, 86 percent cited live chat as critical during the holiday season, with 55 percent citing live chat as “extremely critical.”

Website owners’ use of live chat continues to expand, with sites using live chat ONLY for customer service dropping.

25 percent said that they experienced a conversion rate among chatters of 40 percent or greater while 50 percent reported a conversion rate of 20 percent or more. 64 percent responded that live chat enabled them to deliver quality service in a cost-effective manne

The majority (62 percent) cited live chat as a competitive advantage for them Again, the question arises "why isn't live chat being used by more Internet businesses?"

Again, the question arises "why isn't live chat being used by more Internet businesses?" Really there are very few good reasons for not using it. The clearest reason that comes to mind is just how many online businesses are forward thinking? Could it be that those responsible for business planning are to busy in product development, marketing, and sales? Or, perhaps they are relying on other marketing approaches to gain new customers. It can also be the mistaken belief that the cost/benefit ratio doesn't seem to work.

Whatever the reasons, those shying away from incorporating live chat into their online presence are risking remaining static in their growth, or even worse losing potential customers. If your online business is among those not using live chat you may want to contact a representative of ProvideLiveHelp.com and learn all you can. Live chat is here to stay.

Alan Jones currently manages the Marketing Operations of Provide Live Help http://www.providelivehelp.com, the developers of a State of the Art live chat.
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