Today everyone is well aware of Internet and Google makes every work happen. The best po[censored] r search engine in internet is only Google. In terms of business Google ranked number one position. Videos, Mailing, images, Advertising, blogging and limitless services are provided by Google from years and gradually becoming innovative day by day. Google is famous and used worldwide in every country. It is beneficial for Student, Professionals, Business man and every section of society. Google has opened branches and offices in different countries to provide better services to users. There are many other competitive Search engines but because of Google re[censored] tion and services it remains in number one position.

Google has created goodwill among users all over the world through its consistence service and innovative products free of cost. It has changed living standard and thinking of people about internet. Professional work, Online Business, Shopping, Recharge, website making, Advertising, Listening song, watching videos and limitless services from A to z services are available through Google. It is user friendly services to connect millions of people at a place though Google plus. People can create their mail account with password protection with unique email id. Google has provided limitless facilities for users to live life with fun, creativity, innovation.

Google re[censored] tion has spread in every country as number one search engine which makes things easy. Anyone can get information from any part of world. One can also connect to any one online though Google chat services along with video calling services free of cost. People who worked in abroad they can talk to their families though Google chat services by getting connected in seconds. Photo sharing or sending any do[censored] ents any where is possible through Google mail services. Google has created a new era of world by its re[censored] tion.

Google has also provided a platform for business individuals to advertise their products through Google Ad sense and Ad word. Other services like translation services helps to translate any language in seconds only. Many people have started their career as Blogging through Blogger which helps them to earn good money. It is very easy to use services and products of Google as simply the best. Other search engines are trying to run in market but po[censored] rity of Google has covered internet users worldwide. Opening a mail account is every easy in few minutes through Google.

The best search engine in world is Google which have excellent engineers and graphic designers. New creativity and design can be seen every day on Google page itself. Google stock market remains on the top rate as comparison to other stocks. Price of Google stock has positive movement in market. Earning of Google is the highest earning search engine in the world. In business point of view Google has emerged as best earner of all time. It has become ideal and inspiration for new generation students for creating innovation and best services worldwide. Google is best today and will be more innovative and creative in future.

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